7 Daily Habits That Turn Renters into Homeowners, According to Experts

Much to the dismay of sleep experts everywhere, each night I wrap up my day in the glow of my phone’s blue light. After learning which celebrity was most recently cancelled on Twitter and scrolling through photos of weddings and some guy named Jake’s very large catch of the day on Instagram, I find myself […]

Questions every homeowner asks before we list their homes

Whenever I go on a listing I am always confronted with the same questions. “Should we remodel the bathroom?” “I was gonna add granite to my kitchen, what do you think? It will just dress it up right?” “Should I rip up the rugs and put hardwood floors?” My answer to every question is “NO”. […]

The benefits of a good Real Estate Broker

There are many benefits when it comes to working together with a realtor. If you’re looking to purchase or lease property, you should highly consider working with a professional. A professional real estate broker like Jessica Matute has a huge network of connections, and access to so much more listings from other agents and brokers. […]

Using a realtor when purchasing a home

Looking for a home is a major decision and investment in your life. Whether it’s a home you would like to purchase or lease, sometimes it can become overwhelming as you search on your own. This is where a realtor can come in to help you look for your perfect home. It is highly recommended […]

Finding the perfect Staten Island Real Estate Agent

There is a large number of real estate establishments, and agents out there. To find the perfect real estate agent, you must look for these qualities. The first quality to look for is their knowledge and experience. Someone like Jessica Matute of JM Properties has over 15 years of real estate experience, and adept unique […]