Questions every homeowner asks before we list their homes

Whenever I go on a listing I am always confronted with the same questions.

“Should we remodel the bathroom?”

“I was gonna add granite to my kitchen, what do you think? It will just dress it up right?”

“Should I rip up the rugs and put hardwood floors?”

My answer to every question is “NO”.

What people don’t understand is that no matter what you do to your home you can only sell it for “market value”. What does that mean? Well if Joe Smith sold down the block for 500k and he didn’t have the bathrooms redone your up-charge wouldn’t be that much higher. As a realtor if you wanted to re do your kitchen sure! It’s gonna help us sell your home that much quicker.

It makes your house more desirable. What do I mean by that? Well if 2 houses are on the same block up for sale. House A has original kitchen and bathrooms, While House B has updated kitchen and bathrooms. Which house do you think is gonna sell quicker?

After all my final point is…. Why invest that money in redoing bathrooms and kitchens when you could just take that money and put it towards remodels on your new home.